Returns are real pain to the customer when products arrives with damages caused during transportation. To eliminate this, we strongly believe in “GET THE PACKAGING, RIGHT” and this brings down the damage caused during transportation to almost 0%.

Multi-layer Packaging:

Before packing, our team makes sure that a thorough inspection is made to spot any product damages and once it clears all our checkpoints, several layers of packing, as shown below, is done.

Step 1: Water proofing

A thick layer of polythene sheet is wrapped completely to make sure no moisture content enters during shipping/transit.

7 Layer Packing - Water proofing

Step 2: Corners

All corners are given EPE foam support to protect from any damages that could occur during transportation. We also use heavy L-Shape cardboard edge/corner protectors wherever necessary.

7 Layer Packing - Securing Corners & Edges

Step 3: Rubber Padding

Rubber padding is placed on the bottom of the carton box or where ever necessary to take on impact during the shipment.

7 Layer Packing - Rubber padding for cushioning

Step 4: Carton box

The whole setting is placed inside a 5-ply carton box.

7 Layer Packing - Carton box

Step 5: Sealing

The carton box is sealed using heavy duty sellotape and packing strap that wraps around the item which prevents dust or other particles to enter.

7 Layer Packing - Sealing Carton Box

Step 6: Wooden case

Pallet wood is used to create a casing around the item. This takes on the whole impact caused by other items when placed on top or to the sides during the transportation. Appropriate heavy duty nails are used in pallet wood to create the casing

7 Layer Packing - Pallet Wooden casing

Step 7: Strap

 Also straps are used to wrap the casing to keep it intact. 

7 Layer Packing - Strap around wooden casing




Please enter pin code in the product detail page and during checkout process to find out if the item is delivered to your location.

We now deliver to various cities across India. Customer can enter their pin code to check if delivery is available to their area. Estimated delivery date is also mentioned on product detail page along with a valid pin code. The delivery date may vary for each product depending on delivery pincode, transportation agency and the availability of the stock. If the ordered product has not left our warehouse within the shipment dispatch date, a full refund will be initiated and refunded back into the customer’s bank account within 7-14 business working days.

At times, the shipment may face other unavoidable hindrance caused by external factors and when this happens, we will do everything in our power to get the item to reach the customer’s destination ASAP. We also request customers to kindly co-operate with us.

Most of our items are fixed/assembled prior shipping and in case any assembling is required then the product is accompanied with detailed manual which provides step by step procedure to the customer to assemble the item.



We have tie-up with numerous transport companies and depending on the customer’s delivery location, shipping company is selected to book the shipment. Once done, you will receive an email with shipment tracking number. Any issues with the shipment write us to or call us at +91-76749 93035 immediately. Our team will do everything in their powers to sort it out and get the product to your home.

We have done multiple test runs to various destinations to check how good our packaging holds and we were really impressed, not a single scratch to the product which was placed securely inside. By this method, we eliminate any possibility of damages caused while transporting the item.  

Safe & Secure Shopping!

Team LT