Welcome to Living Trendz, exclusively for quality furniture. Before starting this online venture, our store founder Mr. Arunkumar Sivanandam had invested ample amount of time in researching the nature of this business, market interests & customer reviews. He was appalled to learn that Indian market was heavily crowded with import furniture, obsolete models, lacking basic utility furniture, poor customer service and far less quality products.

Having done his master’s degree in computers from Cleveland State University, Cleveland-OH, USA, he worked as a software developer/automation analyst for almost 6 year back in USA. During that period, he learnt that quality of life can be changed in a good way, starting first at one’s own place. A beautiful home with comfortable living can provide stress free and create harmony & happy life.

“Quality of a product can be defined as more value, more usage and good returns for the amount you have spent while purchasing it. – Arun, Founder of LivingTrendz.com”

Mr. Arun always likes to do things differently rather than conventional way and automate the work to yield better results. Being an innovator himself, his love for designing and with big ambitions, he came down to India in 2010 where he wanted to start something new apart from running his family business. After extensive research and analysis he instantly fell in love with solid wood when he first spotted these quality furniture. Having himself bought imported and shabby furniture, also paved the way to open this quality online furiture store.

“Always spend wisely. Spending on a furniture that breaks frequently & shopping for new ones again and again is kind of more hassle and waste of money. Rather, spend once on a furniture that provides good value for money, good returns and lasts for years to come.  – Arun, Founder of LivingTrendz.com”

He also wanted to change the way customers are handled before and after sale, especially there is a huge difference in the manner customers are treated after sale. He firmly believes in customer care and that is why he governs that divison personally every day. He is big enthusiast of made in India and so he strictly makes sure that all products are made locally with excellent quality control.

The main motto of Living Trends is to provide exquisitely designed quality furniture with good customer care. It is as simple as that. So far we have never gone off from our basic principles on which this company was built upon.

“A company’s attitude towards its customers totally spiral down from the top management to its employees. If we don’t treat our staff with respect & dignity then can’t expect them to treat the customers with same. Earning profits is our second priority whereas keeping customer satisfied & happy has always been and will be our first and top most priority. – Arun, Founder of LivingTrendz.com”

It’s straight, spiral, interlocked, wavy, irregular textures make anyone feel awe and wonder at the warmth and glow it brings to the home. Furniture not only turns a house into a beautiful and elegant home but also gives it, a personality and describes dwellers temperament. Our furniture is designed around the basics of what every person would feel, require and expect out of it. Comfort, durability, reliability, sumptuous and yet at a very affordable price is our promise to you. The company has put together a great team with specialized skills in design, marketing, logistics and customer care to meet, every bit of your needs. Our constant gaze for new and trendy designs will surely give a new outlook to your place.

Our design team brings various drawings, pictures on the discussion table where appropriate modifications are done for the selected designs. For complex designs prototypes are made in-house to check its usability and durability. Once approved, it is passed on to our manufacturers for production. Once items are manufactured, it goes through quality check then carton packed and sent to our warehouse.

When a customer orders furniture online, we reopen the new product, double check for flaws and repack the item to its original form. Our 7-layer packaging has been tested rigorously under every aspect to protect the items during transportation. We have done multiple test runs to make sure items originality is secured during transportation.

We refuse to accept any standards that are short of perfection. We are stiff believers in after sale customer care and have customer-friendly policies in place that takes care of any impede in the orders and damages during the shipment.

We are here to provide you the best furniture and great online shopping experience. We hope that every product you buy from us will invigorate and liven up your place.

We really appreciate your interest in knowing about us.


Team LT